We’re checking for Ghana’s Potheads, you should be too

Ghana's potheads are taking on recycling, one waste plastic bag at a time.

It is the time we see plants as an essential part of our human existence and embrace the culture of caring for and tending to them. Take a moment to look at and listen to the plants surrounding you. Are they blooming earlier than usual? Are they playing host to pollinators?
There is everything to gain if we keep plants, from saving the bees that make us honey, a beating human heart being formed from spinach leaves to overall health advantages, and everything to lose if we do not. Why lose, if we are willing to learn what plants like and what they are used for they are 100% beneficial to our health and immediate environment.

Potheads is a company who genuinely cares for the environment, they are about creating environmental awareness and bringing people together to think out of the box about the plastic use and how detrimental it is to the environment if it is not used and reused properly. If everyone uses a bit of his or her time to make a difference, then the plastic pollution will reduce drastically. Ghana is slowly being engulfed by plastic waste, yet the country seems to be desensitized and apathetic towards the growing problem, but Potheads is very aware of the looming danger of plastic waste and do not wish to be a part of the problem in any way. They try to make their daily routines to be about reusing and reusing in a bid to do their best towards the purification of the environment, as-well-as nature; so plastic waste doesn’t reach the oceans/river and cause severe pollution.

Here are some statistics on what to reuse plastic for, or how to curb the increase of plastic use:

Most people find it nice to be given a plastic bag after purchase of an item but most times it is irrelevant to get a plastic bag(s), if the number of times people go out for shopping is multiplied by how many plastic bags gets thrown out in a day it is enough to cause a plastic waste epidemic. Saying no to straws when having a drink of coke is also a preventive method. Even down to the use of mobile phones, which can be traced to the coltan mines in Congo’s relationship with child labor and other forms of slave conditions, it is important to be thoughtful of doing or buying something that is not right. Reusing and recycling is a good way to not be part of the waste problems. Potheads advise that people reduce packed products, in cases such as going for grocery shopping it is important to carry reusable bags to collect items as it saves the attendants the need to use plastic bags that will end up being wasted. Pure water packs have become a thing and so has to throw them randomly on the street after use, it is important that we remember to pack and collect them and give to people who reuse them to for other forms of creativity.

A good example of people who reuse plastic for other creative things are Potheads, they reuse plastic bottles (after being measured and cut) as pots for plants, which is then packaged in their baskets-pots design. Potheads also look to infuse clay pots in the future of their packaging, an aesthetic feature that stems from their interior designing and decoration skills. Potheads are also trying to develop their own compost so that they can give a good meaning to their reuse of organic waste. For the moment their compost comprises of just coffee, ashes, eggs and tea. But, they are really working on having there on way to do compost with all kinds of organic waste.
Potheads pride themselves on the fact that their whole indoor plant garden was as a result of experimenting with a single plant that then led to the growth of so much more. To what is a relatively new experiment for them, they dream big and strive to achieve a level of excellence that will be top notch when it comes to Plants-interior design. They aim to be that company who can organize a home or office space with the right plants suited for its environment. As an indoor plant company, Potheads know that indoor plants at home and at offices help with air purification, for example, in a space that more than 30 people fill it up to capacity, everyone tends to breathe the same oxygen, as well as carbon dioxide, installations of indoor plants at strategic position, will help a lot with oxygen renewal in the environment. At home, installation of plants will reduce air pollution that comes from dust, road traffic and many other factors that enter into the air of a house through the windows, to a bare minimum.

In regard to interior designing and decorating, Potheads also works with SpaceAccra. SpaceAccra is a sister company to Potheads, they are an interior design and Construction Company specialized in customer-oriented design and project management. SpaceAccra and the Krokobite art institute work hand in hand to promote their test for interior design done with the use of locally made products as well as reused items, Potheads is a local product, which is why Potheads also work with SpaceAccra.

After paying a visit to the Potheads headquarters we realized it is also where they live and spend time artistically in doing different things. They are heavily into gardening for pollution reasons but also as a collective feeling of making a house becomes a home in relations to decoration purposes, a thing to be emulated.