Charles Nkanga’s “Against The World” is a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet

Hopefully, there is no tragic end to this version

Shakespeare’s classic love story Romeo and Juliet,  continues to inspire music, film and literature and it seems the Italian tragedy of unrequited love and star crossed lovers has inspired singer Charles Nkanga. His story might not play out as grotesquely as Shakespeare’s but it honors the story’s overarching theme; young love threatened by outside force and strengthened by trial.

On “Against The World”, Charles has a conversation with his lover, recounting conversations with friends who have expressed worry at the pace of their relationship, just like any sane person would have probably advised the teenage Romeo. And just like Romeo, Charles is deaf to the criticism, deciding instead to ignore everyone but his lover. He makes allusions to “saving this place” probably an allusion to the dystopia that is all the rage in YA literature and cinema yet he still imagines putting his arms around her. Producer X and LT’s electronic dance production fits well with the narrative Charles scripted on “Against The World”, giving the song an aura of a pre-apocalyptic conversation between lovers.

Listen to “Against The World”

Featured Image Credit: CharlesNkanga/Instagram

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