Bobi Wine Says Kanye’s meeting with Uganda’s President is “Immoral”

All of the condemnations haven't stopped Kanye from touring the Ugandan soil

Reggae musician, Bobi Wine, who doubles as a Politician of an opposition party in Uganda, has spoken out against  Kanye’s meeting with President Museveni at the state house. He called the meeting “immoral”, further saying that Kanye West is “hobnobbing with a president who has been in power now for 32 years and restricts any freedom, a country where opposition activists are tortured and imprisoned”.

Since winning a seat as Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Bobi Wine has been more active than ever in politics, securing the votes of citizens who he has given hope to, some of who want him to become the next president of Uganda. The current president, Museveni has been in office for over three decades. Bob Wine’s supporters protested for his release in Kampala in August, after being arrested for treason by President Museveni’s team during a campaign in Uganda.

Wine expressed his disappointment for the American artist—who is currently in Uganda with his wife and kid, Kim and North, to record his YANDHI album— further criticising him for not using “his voice for the good of people in Africa”. He continued by saying, “I’m a musician but I am not allowed to stage a show in my own country because I disagree with the president. It is very disappointing.”

This isn’t the first criticism Kanye West will be getting on his visit to Uganda. While there, when Kanye West called himself “the best living recording artist” and claimed “the spirit of Fela” is within him, Nigerian artist, Political activist, Fela Kuti’s son, Seun Kuti opposed Kanye in a statement: “On behalf of the Kuti family, I want to state that the spirit of Olufela Anikulapo Kuti isn’t anywhere near Kanye West.”

All of the condemnations haven’t stopped Kanye from touring the Ugandan soil. On Tuesday, visited the orphanage, Masulita children’s home, which is founded by the First Lady, Janet Museveni who doubles as its patron through her charity organization Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO).

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images / SAUL LOEB

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