Best New Music: Gigi Atlantis delivers a timely message with “Deathproof”
Best New Music: Gigi Atlantis delivers a timely message with “Deathproof”

Best New Music: Gigi Atlantis delivers a timely message with “Deathproof”

"Nobody said that it would be smooth sailing"

According to Gigi Atlantis, this was—or maybe it still is—the year we were going to be catching flight, but look at us now, restricted to the four walls of our bedrooms and houses for our own safety.

“2020”, Gigi’s single from March last year, basked in the bright glow of positivity, honing in on the belief that youth and its heartaches are a portal to better things ahead. Even in the face of a global pandemic, her optimistic stance remains unchanged on her latest release, “Deathproof“.

“Deathproof, ain’t finna die so we rise”, Gigi sings on the sublime hook of her incredible new single featuring BOJ. Both singers come together for a gently nudging anthem over IKON’s flickering Caribbean-pop beat, bringing depth; a lived-in feel and the perfect shade of technical flair required of any song released right now.

One of Gigi’s superpowers lies in her sly and tender voice and its ability to reel you in with it’s riveting coolness. On “Deathproof”, Gigi’s voice exudes a casual confidence that amplifies the potency of her emotionally resonant lyrics. While it’s now common for singers with mood-inducing voices to lean into hazy songwriting, Gigi has set herself apart as a writer with a poetic precision—for example, her party-starting breakout, “Wahala on the Rocks”, is very much an ode to freedom.

“Deathproof” finds the balance between chant-ready declarations and promoting resilience, singing “nobody said that it would be smooth sailing”, which indicates that it’s a song made for both the artist and the audience. This serves as the perfect context for BOJ’s brief, yet, effective cameo where he triumphantly sings, “even if I fall I go get back up”.

In the wider context of a world currently riddled with uncertainties, “Deathproof” is as timely as it gets. It’s a call for us to push through and reject the temptation of apathy, because there’s light at the end of the dark tunnel. Scaling back to Gigi’s career, “Deathproof” is a powerful and well-executed slice of pop music, consolidating Gigi Atlantis as a supremely talented artist with a golden pen and uniquely striking voice.

Listen to “Deathproof” here.

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