Bella Alubo is cool as funk on new music video for “Radio” ft Ycee

A first video from a promising rapper

Words by Fisayo Okare

For a hip-hop artist who has been focused on creating, distributing and promoting her music, Bella and her team understand just how crucial the concept of branding can be. There are different key components in a brands toolbox, which includes what your music sounds like, how you shoot your video, how you dress and most importantly, it’s about how you put all those things together in one holistic image. It’s good to see as this fits in neatly in Bella’s music video for her debut single, “Radio” featuring her fellow Tinny Entertainment signee, Ycee.

From the cover art, to the setting and scenery of the video itself, everything is really cool and Pop-art-y. And as they say, when a girl tries to go gangster, it’s cute. It seems Bella is ready to fully represent her brand.

Watch Bella’s “Radio” featuring Ycee below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/bellaalubo

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