Ayo Awosika’s “You’re The One” : An Ode to Nigeria

Ayo pays tribute to her Nigerian heritage.

Gone are the days Africa and her culture were portrayed as destitute, and unethical to Africans in diaspora. Here to stay are the days of Africa and her culture getting the recognition, and representation they rightfully deserve in Western mainstream. With the rising popularity of western artists incorporating Afro-beats. it’s no secret that the music industry lent a hand, towards achieving the aforementioned goal. The result of the intercultural success has led to artists putting their creativity to test in search of new ways to bring to us the best of both worlds. And on this sonic level, Ayo Awosika’s “You are the one” was produced. But the lyric came to her on a more personal note.

The journey which started from The States to Nigeria back to The States, birthed the lyrics to ‘’You are the one”. In an interview with Essence, Ayo described the inspiration for the lyrics as “ A labour of Love”, born from an inner desire to satiate the hunger in her soul, the hunger for home.
For the multi talented artist, having the spotlight on her is nothing new. As she has worked with quite a number of impressive pop culture celebrities. Like Chris Martin (of Coldplay), The Chainsmokers, Seun Kuti. Has performed on The Today’s show, The Tonight’s Show, The Voice, and is currently a background singer for pop princess Miley Cyrus. Ayo may have a pretty impressive references but more notably is her remarkably good single

“You’re The One” opens with just the right combination of jazz and pop, to get our heads swaying before moving in for the kill. With her soulful vocals, giving off the aura of someone who isn’t afraid to experiment on sounds and sing it like she feels it. Ayo tells her story, but she could very well be telling the stories of millions of foreigners, with a desire to trace their way back to their ancestral homes. If they could. “I’ve been looking for you, a home I never knew, cos I never got to chooseshe sings from experience, the total satisfaction that comes from satisfying this desire.  As she goes “You are the one I want, been waiting for this so long” .   Each one of her emotional explorations, perfectly expressed, by the instrumental flourishes and vocal shift.  And just when you think it doesn’t get any better, the chorus sang in Yoruba launches into a’ Afro-beat meets pop’ kind of organic feel. Underlain with the talking drums, serving us just the right amount of Nigerian culture. She ends this ode like a faithful lover, who’s finally found someone worthy of her attention. “I’m coming back to you”

True to her words, Ayo Awosika has started an organization “Naija Girl Tribe”. One she promises would be dedicated to the youth of Nigeria, particularly girls. with a vision to nurture and help them realize their life goals.

You should stream You’re The One” below

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