Akwaeke Emezi announces debut poetry collection, ‘Content Warning: Everything’

their sixth book

The Tamil-Nigerian writer, Akwaeke Emezi, who brought us unforgettable coming-of-age novels such as Pet, Freshwater and most recently, The Death of Vivek Oji is one of the most respected new names in the literary world. A masterful weaver of worlds and words, the writer has carved out a name for themselves by showing up to tell the difficult stories about deities, ogbanje’s, and even queer Africans with an unshakeable confidence that cannot be replicated by a number of their peers. 

After a consistent string of releases this year including their debut memoir, Dear Senthuran and a new novel titled Bitter already in the pipeline, the prolific writer has now just announced the forthcoming release of their debut poetry collection titled Content Warning: Everything along with a new poem titled ‘i think my father is dying.’ 


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The collection is set to be published by Copper Canyon Press on April 5th, 2022. According to Copper Canyon, the publisher explains that the collection is “crafted of both divine and earthly materials as these poems travel from home to homesickness, tracing desire to surrender and abuse to survival, while mapping out a chosen family that includes the Son of God, Mary Auntie, and Magdalene with the chestnut eyes. Written from a spirit first perspective and celebrating the essence of self that is impossible to drown, kill, or reduce, Content Warning: Everything distills the radiant power and epic grief of a mischievous and wanting young deity, embodied”. 

The cover of the poetry collection is crafted by the artist, Chioma Ebinama who Emezi has long admired their work. Emezi also shared when announcing the poetry collection that “I like to think of our work as being in conversation—two Igbo artists interested in ritual, performance, and indigenous knowledge.” While the poetry collection won’t be available in print and online in April 2022, you can read one of the poems in the collection on the Literary Hub website until then.

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