Akon and Sophy Aiida set to host AFRIMA 2017

Buckle up sweeties, Africa is coming.

It’s almost the end of the year, the time when many artists sit down to reflect on their accomplishments, scrutinizing every decision made so far,for improvement. And as every year, artists put out small and large scale projects spurred by personal ambition and internal struggle, it’s only right that there are existing platforms dedicated to recognizing the creative work of these artists and applauding them for pushing boundaries of their work.  AFRIMA is one of those.  Earlier this year the nominations for the 4th edition of All African Music Award was announced, spanning over 34 countries and recently in a statement made by African Union commission, Senegalese-American singer Akon will work alongside Cameroonian TV host Sophy Aiida to host the event which will take place from 10-12th of November in Lagos, Nigeria.


Hosting major events is no new feat for Sophy Aiida, the young french artist of Cameroonian origin. As she has already worked on the presentation of several cultural events around the globe, Including Kora Awards (Abidjan 2012) and Gospel Festival (2017). Sophy is also famous in the film industry for movies like “Unwanted Guest” (2012) and known for her charitable project “Nakande” a non-profit that aims to promote girl child education and female leadership.

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Not only is he a Grammy award winning, multi-talented artist, whose’s originality earned a spot in Guinness Book as the Number 1 selling master of ringtones, Akon is also a philanthropist with his project “Konfidence Initiative” supports underprivileged Africans, and with “Light Africa Project” has been able to change the lives of thousands of Africans in 15 Countries, by providing Electricity  and this earned him the 5th spot on Forbes’ list of 40 most powerful  African celebrities.

Akon and Sophy together will handle event proceedings of the live broadcast award, which is aimed at celebrating the rich musical heritage of the African continent. The award show is scheduled to air live, on over 109 television stations in 84 countries.

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