On “Afro Lover” Ozzmanic bids for Afropop earbuds

First Single off his Rainbow EP

The personal and the pursuance of approval can often be at odds. For Ozzmanic, it remains to be seen. But he seems poised for a crossover with “Afro Lover”.

Young and interesting, Ozzmanic, very passionate about Rap, emerged in the Toronto music scene as a Trap artist in 2013 with a Diss song titled “Benjamins”, a track that inspired a follow up EP, The Risk Tape in 2016. But Ozzmanic found that what had become his signature sound wasn’t good enough for him to make an introduction in the current Nigerian music scene, so to kick off, Ozz chose to collaborate with Jinmi Abduls for “One Question”, a dancehall number running on over sixty thousand plays on his soundcloud, released in July. His new single “Afro Lover”, Off his upcoming sophomore EP titled Rainbow, is among the more sonically African songs on his small catalog yet. It showcases a person who is trying to get his start in the Nigerian music scene, by conducting his own investigations into the Afropop world.

Despite this, “Afro Lover” is in equal parts compromising and as straightforward as the typical romantic Afropop track.

Right before entering Duktor Sett’s scene, “Afro Lover” begins a little cheeky, set as though he were in a studio session, with one or two voices telling him to kick off with a freestyle. But much of the song exists in the world of Ozzmanic’s and producer Duktor Sett before embarking on a sampling moment on the two-minute mark to detail half a verse from Mo hits’ 2008 track “Booty Call”. While he can’t downright be accused of imitation all through the four-minute track, the way he utters his lyrics and harmonies via his baritone voice, finely begs for a parallel with Boj.

On the song, Ozzmanic bids his love for another’s, seeking to be their ‘Afro lover’. The percussions and synths nods as much to Afropop as his lyrics but even as it progresses, it still refuses to settle into what we could call Ozzmanic’s and may come off a tad corny. There’s nothing more cliched than singing Afropop on a love theme anyway.

However, Ozzmanic, still building and constructing the body of his music, seems set for the Nigerian Music scene with “Afro Lover”. The EP, Rainbow that’s soon to arrive should showcase Ozzmanic’s actual mind or charm and should be more satisfying. So get ready.

Meanwhile, you should bump his new single “Afro Lover” produced by Duktor sett below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Ozzmanic

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