Abiodun, Cheeso and Mockingbird prove that men get lonely too on “The Flowers I Sent”

The flip side to women's involvement in the society

Finally, the world has evolved to a point where men are finally being brought to task and asked to renounce the passive and active privileges misogyny has accorded them over the last few centuries. While the resulting equality brought by feminism has given us women with more values and independence to take care of themselves and then some, a less celebrated side effect is being highlighted by Abiodun, an artist who isn’t afraid to show his more sensitive side. On his latest single, “The Flowers I Sent” he features Cheeso and Mockingbird and together, they deliver a song that is as emotionally intelligent as it is honest.


The narrative for Abiodun’s “The Flowers I Sent” shows the flip side to women’s involvement in the society. Men finally relate to being lonely and artists like Drake have cashed in on this potential gold mine by making music that caters for men’s emotional needs and it’s nice to see Nigerian artists take cues.

“The Flowers I Sent” is underscored by a persistent bass beat, timed to mimic a human heart, and a melancholic keyboard arpeggio, darkening the mood and transforming into nighttime radio listening—you know, the type meant to relax but still keep you up. Mockingbird takes the first verse spitting bars about navigating his way around the twists and turns of relationship while Cheeso sings the chorus and the second verse describing his search for his love interest’s attention. Abiodun rounds out the song , airing his vulnerability as he begs “Make time for me/ Let me know that you’re mine”.

We hear you Abiodun, we hope she does too.

Listen to Abiodun’s “The Flowers I Sent” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/bigdaddybio

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