“Get Back!” is just Suté Iwar stunting on us because he can

The best build up, if there ever was one.

When you are one third of the one the most talented sibling collectives in the country, there’s a extra layer pressure to always outperform when you put out individual projects. But that has never really been the case with Suté Iwar, who has drifted between rap and R&B, dropped a critically receivied EP and then gone underground. Suté is all about the experimentation, and being allowed to create his own body of work independent of our expectations, industry standards or even personal records. His latest sonic experiment “Get Back!”, best illustrates this self determined approach to music and craft as a whole.

“Get Back” is not a single in the proper sense of the word, or so Suté Iwar says. Instead he calls it ‘something for the fans’, a palate cleanser if you will, to remind us just how versatile he is. There is an undercurrent of nostalgia behind the song, which references the confluence of heavy bass and synth driven electronica that characterized 90’s hip-hop and R&B and put it squarely in the realm of afro-futurism. Iwar plays on this with the song’s format, favoring a call-response format over the more conventional styles rappers favour today. He sings (this is never not surprising), raps and adlibs, weaving a succinct but layered story about a rapper who’s finally coming into his own. Y’know, art imitating life.

Whatever Suté’s preparing us for with this string of teasers he’s been dropping all year, we’re more than ready for it.

Listen to “Get Back!” here.

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