The Oba of Eko Pulled A Wizkid on The Ooni of Ife and the Internet is raving

Divine rulers become millennial historical figures

The snub of the century happened when the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu declined to extend his hand in greeting to the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi at an event yesterday. The video of the slight incensed the public as it made its rounds across blogs and Twitter accounts.

The truth of what happened is still hazy. Yet from the evidence presented to the public, the Ooni can be seen arriving in his royal garb and acknowledging a fellow ruler beside him with a bow and handshake. When he gets to Oba Rilwan, in classic villain style, the elderly ruler stops the younger one in his tracks as he lifts his hand to stop him. The embarrassed Ooni makes an about-turn and quickly heads back to his seat. It was a Hollywood style public ridicule, the equivalent of throwing wine in his face at a party.

In this circus of a situation, reactions have gone from throwing vitriol on the image of the Oba of Lagos to memefying the ordeal as is the practice of the ever present trolls. Some have even gone as far as digging into history and official records to present the superiority of the Ooni to the Oba. This is a show worthy of Sideshow Bob and the everlasting Wizkid snub of a man simply referred to by media outlets as, Eva’s Fiancee’ ‘Ceasar’, at the Headies last year.

Whatever the Ooni did to the Oba in times past may not be public knowledge but it is this sort of behaviour which allows disrespect to be flung at the many monarchies in Nigeria. Speculations have gone from the Ooni actually disrespecting the Oba to assuming that maybe, just maybe the Oba did not want to be interrupted as he listened to the ongoing speech.

While we wait for the truth (or PR save to come), see reactions from Nigerian twitter to the impending WWE style Royal Rumble.

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