Listen to Nonso Amadi’s “Marry you” featuring Tomi Owo

There's but a fine line between overdoing something and running it to the ground.

Despite the bad press that trailed Nonso Amadi’s first live concert on home soil, the singer is forging ahead where it matters the most nonetheless: material release.

The self-taught producer and songwriter draws his lyrical inspiration from emotional phases such as heartbreak, and sensual pleasures. And his latest single, “Marry You” is just the type of emotiveness the Canadian-based Nigerian singer always put on wax.

But for all his emphasis on love, Nonso still doesn’t seem to have romance figured out yet. His latest single, “Marry You” however shows a commitment to work on himself. While “Tonight” was about a fraught love affair and Eugy assisted “Kwasia” found him questioning a cheating lover, his collaboration with Tomi Owo seems a step closer towards finding the fulfillment that comes with romance; “One of These Days I Can Marry You Errr…”

Over a cool palette of muffled percussion, mid-tempo bass thumps and layered synths, they profess commitment to go the extra mile for their love interest.

“Marry You” is neither Nonso or Tomi Owo’s strongest effort though. The track feels like a left-field release given we’ve seen better performances from both artists in recent times.

Listen to Nonso Amadi and Tomi Owo’s “Marry You” below.


Featured Image Credits: Instagram/nonsoamadi


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