Mide Michael will go to extreme lengths for love on new single “Pepe”

When love becomes a means and an end in itself

Not all great love makes you a better person, just ask Shakespeare. Or listen to Mide Michael’s latest single, “Pepe”, nestled between the carefree cheer of a love song and the threat of a diss track to the ops. “The Things That You Do/ Make Me Act a Fool/ When The Guys They See Me For Room/ Them Dey Say You Give Me Juju”, Mide Michael sings over the sparse beat Johnson IP produces. Dressed in sensual tones, his love seems to draw its fire from the underworld and gives a dark spin to us-versus-the-world narrative lovers are so quick to adopt.

Threatening to show anyone who tries to stop his love ‘Pepe’, Mide Michael isn’t looking for redemption or looking to be ushered out of a past life into a purer one. Love is a means and an end in itself—and if it happens to turn you against your friend along the way, so be it.

You can listen to Mide Michael’s “Pepe” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/midemichael1
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