Niyyi questions everything on “Sit Tight”

On becoming a skeptic and questioning beliefs.

Growth always comes with the realization that when things remain the same for a long time, it is usually a metaphor for stagnancy. Change, with its conflicting emotions and volatility is often necessary for growth. For Niyyi, growth came with the need to question everything around him, from “people who come and go” and what he really knows about them. Drawing inspiration from these rocky emotions, he released “Sit Tight”, a song revealing how much of a skeptic he has become. On “Sit Tight”, he raps about having to face demons and question his beliefs, an uncomfortable situation that rings true for anyone who has been in those shoes.

“Sit Tight” is the first track of his Melancholy Series, a sub-series under his soon-to-be-released debut mixtape, Camp Nehru.

Listen to “Sit Tight”:

Featured Image Credit: Niyyi/Instagram

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