Johnny Drille is letting go of loss on “Romeo and Juliet”

How about a sad pop song?

After listening past the first 33 seconds of Johnny Drille’s new release, “Romeo and Juliet” you hear a throaty grunt as if to clear the throat, but production works under-bed continues as if to make up for setting up any air of distaste. The RnB Soul singer then continues singing “It’s the hand of God, na him bring you to me”  to a lover, seeking to win her affection when he entreats “would you be my Juliet and I’ll be your Romeo, my love”.

Johnny Drille has often sung about love. His past releases “My Beautiful Love” and “Wait for Me” are equally tied around the theme, with each of them having their own perspective. On his last release, “Wait for Me” Johnny Drille is left painfully heartbroken after he looses his longtime lover to a damned illness and we watched him in such happy beginnings with her, cry his heart out at the song’s end. It’s been 4 months since then and well, they say time heals pain; Johnny Drille has healed and he’s now moving-on on “Romeo and Juliet”. But keep in mind he practices empathy in his music too.

“Romeo and Juliet” kicks off with a little drumming before the guitar accustomed to all Johnny Drille’s music begins strumming. All he wants right now is his lover’s affection, and that’s about all the artist, who just aged 30, narrates on the track.

Released, under his record label, Mavin records, “Romeo and Juliet” is that track you can only get from the only person who does it under the label. This track will remind you of old-time music and in Don Jazzy’s words, “Take your feelings to another Level”


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@Johnnydrille

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