Listen To Efe Oraka’s New Single “No More”

self-reflection about undeserving lovers

Since her debut, Abuja based singer, songwriter and producer Efe Oraka has been making beautifully produced music as one of the most magnetic voices to arrive from the scene. With her hit record “Wonderland,” and her collection of reflective songs for young adults, the singer has successfully carved a lane for herself and garnered a loyal audience and music-makers alike, who are keen to explore whichever soundscapes Efe Oraka traverses next.


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In 2020, the singer arrived with the 7-track EP titled ‘Magic,’ to round up a very tumultuous year shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a bid to bring aural healing to her fans and listeners, the EP cut across different soundscapes, tied all together by her artistic fortitude and that of her collaborators such as M.I Abaga, DOZ and Sir Bastien.  

This year, after taking a 2-year hiatus from releasing any music, Efe Oraka arrived with the record “Damn, Daniel,” a slow paced number which further showcased her soulful sounds and R&B influences. Now, the singer makes her return with her second official release this year titled, “No More.” The earworm track which sees the artist drawing boundaries in a relationship with an unrequited lover. Coming to the realisation that her lover is taking her for granted, Efe Oraka sings positive affirmations about finding the strength within and standing ones ground. With powerful lyrics such as “When you’re running helter-skelter, you’ll be knocking on my door, you’ll need shelter/But I’ll never let you in no more, no more,” Efe Oraka captures perfectly the rush of conflicting emotions.

With the new track “No More,” it is clear that Efe Oraka is always getting better. Armed with silk croons and alluring melodies, the artist is shaping herself into her own kind of star. With news of a new project on the horizon any time soon, Efe Oraka delivers “No Time,” to whet fans appetite as she ushers in her new era. We’re loving it!

Listen to “No More” below.

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