6 videos you need to see this week

Ijele the traveler takes lighten bolts to the chest, Uzi gets gruesomely murdered and more shocking videos you don't want to miss

Joyner Lucas – I’m Not Racist

Though Joyner Lucas’ sophomore album, 508-507-2209 has a lot of gems in it, it didn’t do too well commercially when it was released earlier this year. However, his latest video release, “I’m Not Racist” has gotten a lot of media attention and could potentially lift him to acclaim. But the publicity hasn’t been all good; His biggest criticism is for his late contributing to the racial conversation. That, however, shouldn’t anything away from the quality of the single that the rapper taking both sides of the argument; White and black. The video also follows this narrative as his lyrics are brought to life and dramatised to accentuate his aggressive tone and his message of peace with the black guy and white guy hugging at the end of the video

Straffitti – Zero Safety 

Since debuting with Vanilla Sky EP earlier this year, Straffitti has continued crafting his druggy trap sound by putting out new music with relative consistency. His latest release, “Zero Safety” is satisfyingly clean, echoing the bright, shiny flatness of the current digital landscape. Shot by Ifeme C.S and edited by Straff, “Zero Safety” is the rapper’s third official music video since his debut with “Cherry Game Girl”  in March. Straff’s penchant for surreal visuals seen in all his previously released video is sustained by making sure nearly every scene is in some trippy sort of colour or warped shapes.

Meek Mill – Fall Thru

Meek Mill’s Wins & Losses album cautiously addressed his setbacks by giving more perspective of his life and what he actually considers wins and losses. “Fall Thru”‘s slather on Auto-Tune and the pseudo-romantic narrative seems to be focusing on his wins—never mind the possibility of a reference to Drake’s “Come Thru”. However, in the light of his recent legal drama, the video for “Fall Thru” shows Meek chilling with his love interest and his friends almost seems sad, still this a welcome distraction from his current rather unjust situation.

Adekunle Gold – Money

Released back in October, Adekunle Gold’s “Money” seemed primed to replicate the success of “Pick Up” with the similar pseudo-religious subtext. Fuse’s production on the Afropop single incorporates some foreign samples but Adekunle Gold retains his familiar local melodies with his fusion of English and indigenous Yoruba lyrics. Ani James directs the video and runs with the “Money” title as he recreates the images on the Nigerian currency for the fun music video. While Adekunle Gold begs for money to come towards him in the lyrics the video finds him in a room filled with so much money, the legal tender merely serves as an ornament.

Lil Uzi Vert – The Way Life Goes Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj

Directed by DAPS, the video for Uzi Vert’s “The Way Life Goes” gets eerie very quickly. But Uzi’s reputation for satanic symbolism in his videos cushions the shock effect as his lyrics sustains his troubled narrative singing “I Know It Hurts Sometimes, But You’ll Get Over It.” Nicki Minaj’s verse on the remix is, however, more lighthearted finding new ways to remind listeners her coochie is better than everybody’s. Following the song’s premise, the video ends with Uzi being choked to death and buried by a femme fatale.

Flavour – Chimamanda

“Chimamanda” is among the more spiritually conscious tracks on the album as it inspires a music video with a few biblical imageries—including some retro amateurish digital lightning and thunder sound effects. Flavour’s latest release, the videos for “Chimamanda” extends the rollout of what is starting to look more and more like a visual album. The 17-track Ijale the Traveler album already has 8 released videos and with their sparse releases, what’s to say there won’t be more?

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Official Flavour

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