Watch this hardcore video for SuperWozzy’s “Hustle and Pray”

A motivational hustler's anthem

The creative dreams of the day his works will get the recognition it deserves, but for more disadvantaged kids, there’s an added pressure to get paid while creating. This pressure is often reflected in their works and for rappers, it inspires motivational hustler anthems like SuperWozzy’s latest single, “Hustle and Pray”. Over the somber mix of ambient synth lines, percussion and mid-tempo drum riffs BraynZee produces, SuperWozzy narrates his hustle and grind fusing a charmingly melodious hook with his hard-hitting rap bars.

His moving tale of strife gets transformed into a celebratory music video directed by Naya Effectz. The video for “Hustle and Pray” is set at a gas-station where Superwozzy is seen with stacks of dollars in his hands while he prays for the blessings he has worked for. Though the song was already moving, watching him throwing prayer hands and gun signs while riding shotgun in a car filled with his friends is even more captivating

You can watch the video for “Hustle and Pray” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/SuperWozzy
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