Wande Coal just delivered the version of L.A.X’s “Run Away” we deserve

Wande Coal is king of husky and heavily accented vocals

L.A.X may not be the first person that comes to mind when considering artists for artist of the year. But that didn’t stop the singer from declaring 2017 as his. He debuted for the year with “Big Daddy” and “Stay With Me”, both given the music video treatment and making the rounds on TV. The club numbers quickly got pushed down and eventually off music charts however with each new club inclined release that saturates Nigeria’s music scene. “Run Away”, his latest single however showed a maturity  suggests he just might be able to work his way into making his prophecy coming true. And with Wande Coal’s assist on the remix, his faith gets a strong boast.


“Run Away” was already decent with production from Spotless who rides Afropop’s mid-tempo wave through his tin pan drums and High-life piano and guitar harmonies. Even Runtown struggled with recreating the wave as fans complained about “For Life” sounding too similar to “Mad Over You”. L.A.X on the other hand has no trouble following a similar love narrative over the similar beat thanks to his hoarse voice and heavily accented vocals.

But Wande Coal is king with regards to husky vocals, and from his opening signature; “It’s WC”, the remix blows the original “Run Away” out of the waters. He starts with the same lyrics and only begins to change lyrics and melodies as the song builds, giving it a classic Wande Coal freestyle vibe. L.A.X keeps his head though and his closing bridge only makes the song more enjoyable.

Wande Coal’s remix of “Run Away” makes you appreciate the original more. But their collaboration is so good, it almost feels like the original version. It certainly leaves you wanting a proper single featuring the two singers. Listen to the remix of “Run Away” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/wandecoal

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