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Songs of the day: New music from Cracker Mallo and Fireboy DML, Laik, Zion Yande and more

We’ve had music through all the heartbreaking moments of 2020. Despite the ongoing pandemic, civil unrest, and the seemingly endless-barge of news about untimely deaths, musicians have continued to capture our collective pop consciousness with new songs that either reflects our present reality or provide an escape from it. We know it can be difficult to keep up with all the diverse streams of music so we’ve created this column to keep you, our readers, up to date with all the finest tunes coming out of Africa and the rest of the world. These are the songs you absolutely need to hear.

We started this week’s curation for Songs of the Day with the latest releases from celebrated Nigerian comic, Basketmouth, Native Tryne Alum, J Molley, Dunnie and Oxlade, Phyno, Supa Gaeta and more. Today, we’ve put together all the latest releases for our midweek curation for Songs of the Day. Cracker Mallo and Fireboy DML, Zion Yande, Mike World, Ghanaian singer, Herman Suede, Sierra-Leone singer, Laik and more have put out new music and you can enjoy them below. You’re welcome.

Cracker Mallo – “Wickedest Wyne” feat Fireboy DML

Cracker Mallo and Fireboy DML met at a writing camp organised by Ric Hasani in 2016. The two first realised the potential of their producer/artist combo when Fireboy DML’s “Jealous” became a hit and broke the YBNL singer into mainstream acclaim. Though Cracker Mallo has now started to build his catalogue as a performing artist with his singing performance on his recently released debut project, ‘A Friendly Introduction To Saund’, he still comfortable sitting back behind his production deck while other artists sing over his beats. On “Wickedest Wyne”, he’s reunited with Fireboy DML who performs sensual lyrics over the catchy Afropop beat produced by Cracker Mallo.

The newly released video for “Wickedest Wyne” sets up Fireboy DML and Cracker Mallo with beautiful women who serve make the romantic lyrics—“I don’t want to love nobody else but you”—more convincing. They are later captured having a photoshoot at a beach and the serene backdrop of the sand, water and the sky matches the breezy ambience of Cracker Mallo’s beat.

Herman Suede – “One By One”

17-year-old Ghanaian singer, Herman Suede just released a new single, “One By One”, a romantic bop that sounds like he’s ready to be a full-blown, stadium-sized pop-star. Given his accomplishments from last year when he had his first headlining concert and featured on Sarkodie’s ‘Black Love’, we should support the singer-songwriter on his journey. “One By One” proves his musical talent, as he performs a convincing romantic set that conveys emotions beyond his age.

Though most of his lyrics here are in English, Herman Suede also incorporates some Ga lines, which manage to express the depth of his affection. His lightweight melodies are made even more relaxing by his lyrics, “Lay your stress upon my shoulder/ never mind what your mama told ya”, while the catchy instrumental produced by S.Kool Beatz makes it fitting for dance floor audiences.

Zion Yande – “Cracks”

Zion Yande just released her new EP, ‘Free Was The Aim, Love Was The Game’, and it solidifies her reputation as an indie icon with a voice of an angel. Since she debuted in 2018, she has delivered the type of emotionally fuelled, soulful music that makes devoted fans out of listeners and with her latest project, she offers 5 tracks narrating her experience as she fiercely pursues love.

The standout track, “Cracks” finds her performing vulnerable lyrics as she’s addressing her elusive lover saying, “Don’t look too closely, you might see my crack/ Will you stay long enough to watch how I bloom”. Though “Cracks” is love song, Zion Yande’s sombre melodies and the orchestral harmonies she sings over allows her to capture the anxious feelings we sometimes have to deal with when in love. With her stellar performance, listeners can explore their vulnerable feelings and not feel ashamed of their honest reflections.

Mike World – “Jolly Rancher” Feat. Akuchi

Mike World’s last single, “Focus” put him among the emotive set of Nigerian songwriters as he delivered an emo-trap performance, expressing his unrequited feelings for his muse. For his latest single, “Jolly Rancher”, he switches up the pace as he embraces trap’s more cocky sentiments for a lightweight turn-up anthem. Here he teams up with previous collaborator, Akuchi who joins him to sing over the psychedelic trap beat produced by 007.

Both artists deliver melodic rap flows as they brag about their pussy and pill-popping lifestyles. Saying “I don’t do liquor, just roll up the weed/ gang gang in my blood streams”, “Jolly Ranches” is stacked with enough Instagram caption worthy lyrics to make you save the song in your phone.

Laik – “Stuck Inside”

After months of being locked down in quarantine, life is slowly going back to normal and it seems as though we can kind of go outside again. However, knowing the virus is still out there means we have to remain careful and some people have remained indoors, not prepared to take any risks. Sierra-Leone born artist, Laik has released a new single, “Stuck Inside”, a romantic single inspired by his quarantine experience and it’s soothing melodies can serve as the perfect soundtrack for anyone still social distancing from their love interest.

Singing “I really want dey your side/ when we see again it’s going down/ lemme just tell you that now”, he confesses his raunchy intentions charmingly. And with his catchy Caribbean fueled melodies, listeners are compelled to nod their heads along. “Stuck Inside” is the lead single from his coming EP, ‘Wanted’ and with his convincing performance on the single, we eagerly anticipate the tape’s release.

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