See bright colours and Straff in new video for “Trounce”

Staffitti in multi-chrome

All a good music video needs is a bunch of cool friends, a camera and glossy filters. Of course, considering the glut of uninspired visuals we often get in Nigeria’s music scene and Straff’s uncanny stroke for turning his wildest artistic visions into a reality as seen on his debut video, “Cherry Game Girl”, the video for “Trounce” always showed promise.

Directed by Lenx and shot in Lagos, “Trounce” doesn’t try to tell any story but it certainly does its job as a promotional tool emphasizing Straff’s inherent fascination with psychedelia. The spacious synth harmonies on the single produced by GCL3F are brought to life through the colorful filters, screen glitches, slow-mo to super-fast editing and more erratic beams of light than is medically healthy.

That being said, everyone knows most of the coolest things in life come with a prescribed warning. So before exposing yourself to the waves of psychedelic lights and kaleidoscopic imagery, make sure you aren’t photosensitive epileptic because this video has all the ingredients to trigger seizure.

Watch the video for “Trounce” below.

Featured Image: YouTube/STRAFFMUSIC

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