Straffitti urges dreamers to keep dreaming in his “Bamilo” music video

The psychedelic video is more for hippie stoners on a camping trip than for narcotized indoor kids

One narrative that has always threatens to undermine the value of the alternative music scene is poor stage craft. Though mainstream acts are probably just as bad on a stage, it’s easier to ignore their uninspired performance when everyone in the crowd is singing along to their hit songs. However, Straffitti is among the few artists you can always count on to bring the energy when he climbs on stage. His bass-heavy trap songs are stoked with such intense brags and adrenaline rushing threats that he can’t be anything but hyped on stage.

But for his latest single, “Bamilo”, he takes on a more refined direction, making it his most polished and accessible song yet. Over the mix of scatting drums and atmospheric synth lines, he performs a hearty set with a flow adjacent to Afropop and lyrics “Pray(ing) For The Demons To Go Away”. In typical Straffitti fashion, the music video for “Bamilo” leans towards psychedelia but is more for hippie stoners on a camping trip, not pale, narcotised indoor kids. The video opens with a message of hope for dreamer courtesy of the BRAKKKAAA BOYS Worldwide before we watch Straffitti performing the song on a desert type terrain, with flashing shots of wildlife animals and a neon body painted dancer.

You can watch the music video for Straffitti’s “Bamilo” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/STRAFFITTI
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