Justice League, Spiderman Homecoming And 5 Other Trailers You Should See

The most anticipated box office block busters

Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-man is getting a reboot from the Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-man universe. Captain America’s “Civil War” introduced the newest edition of New York’s favorite neighborhood hero as Tom Holland who would be swinging into the cinemas from the 7th of July. The trailer released earlier didn’t focus so much on the hero’s mundane school and romance life but the updated trailer shows the plot as well as the human side of the hero. Tony Stark is seen mentoring the teenage hero and Vulture is shown as the villain. Though the hero’s uniquely human characteristic aren’t really emphasized in the trailer, there are all the elements you’d expect from a Spider-Man movie: a sweet fight sequence, a smooch scene and a classic beat down with his mask off.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

The fifth installment of the Johnny Depp’s sea adventures, “Pirates of the Caribbean” is expected to be released at the end of the second quarter of the year. With impressive CGI and live action sequences the Pirates of The Caribbean series have become synonymous with, the new trailer for Dead Men Tell No Tales’ reintroduces a younger Jack Sparrow facing off his rival, Captain Salazar. The origin story to their long standing feud may hint a possibility for a near end to the Pirates of The Caribbean universe as the trailer indicated the beginning of an end. Dead Men Tell No Tales is expected to drive towards an eventual final battle between Sparrow and Salazar.

Ghost In The Shell

Despite the initial back lash at Scarlett Johansson’s white casting for the adaptation of Japanese anime, Ghost In a Shell, the DreamWorks movie would be hitting cinemas at the end of this month. And we have to admit from all we’ve seen in the two trailers released, It’s going to be hard to ignore this one at the box office. Scarlett Johanson reanimates femme-fatal personas we’ve seen in Lucy and her Black Widow character from the Avengers series for a half human cyborg, Mokoto Kusanagi. Hollywood has failed at manga adaptations in the past but Ghost in a Shell’s cyber-punk universe seems to have been well in the upcoming flick. It immediately brings to mind sci-fi masterpieces like “Matrix” and “Total Recall” but with more elaborate world building and cool CGI concept shots. “Ghost in a Shell” will be available in 2D and IMAX 3D from March 31st.

Guardians of The Galaxy. Vol 2

The unanticipated success of the first installment of Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy has ensured that the obscure heroes get a second installment. For the crew’s new adventure, all members of the original crew are accounted for including a baby-sized Groot who sacrificed his regenerative body to save the team in the first installment.The trailer features Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 classic, “The Chain” as we get a glimpse at cuts of the new space adventure. The Star Lord’s past seems to be the central focus of the film which would answer the pending questions on the characters past. The trailer also promises a unique combination of humor and action that the Marvel universe has built its film franchise around.

Despicable Me 3

While some fans are begging for Universal Studios to pull the plug on the Despicable Me franchise, other factions have welcomed the third installment of the series with glee. The upcoming flick of everyone favorite anti-hero dad will see him facing off an 80’s inspired villain, Bratt whose purple costume seems to be straight out of Prince’s closet. Gru is broke and bored of his new life as a family man and accidental hero when a newly discovered twin named Dru surfaces in his life and attempts to drag him back into his old life. Dru convinces Gru to work together with him for an heist. But while Gru insists the job would be a one off thing, the rest of the trailer hilariously details the siblings meeting as a premise for a new adventure.

Wonder Woman ‘Origin’

While debates on the success of DC’s Batman Versus Superman and Suicide Squad were divided along franchise loyalties, DC has given a first look at the upcoming Wonder Woman ‘Origin’ movie with two trailers. A Wonder Woman movie puts DC ahead in terms of representation of female characters on the big screen given that Gal Gadot’s debut as Wonder Woman in BVS  was criticized for not showing enough of the Amazonian princess. The trailer shows a movie set in World War I and it gives DC a chance to attempt the same historic film with a superhero twist that worked well for Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger movie. The super powered Amazon warrior is seen through her flashback to her early days as Diana, discovering her powers and leaving the comfort of the paradise island to fulfill her destiny by saving the human race from the destruction.

Justice League

After Marvel Studio’s success with an expanded universe of interwoven movies, the DC universe began works towards its own similar universe. Hence, it was no coincidence that the events from 2013’s Man of Steel spilled over into last year’s Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad respectively. The next in line for the DC Universe is the long awaited Justice League movie. With positive fan reception to tie-in movie, Wonder Woman, an official trailer for JL itself has surfaced online to build further anticipation for the upcoming movies from the DC Universe. Save for Superman who supposedly died in BVS, all popular characters from the DC Universe get screen time including Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman who are all new to the big screen. Though there’s a call to action and cuts of Ben Affleck’s Batman rounding up the team, no central villain has been identified, building fan’s speculation that the have surrounded Superman’s death since Zack Snyder’s BVS last year. There are also cuts of all the comic relief sorely missed from last year’s gloomy Batman versus Superman. Werner Brother would be looking to win critic and fans alike over after failing to impress with BVS and Suicide Squad, two movies that should have served as perfect appetizers for this year’s big budget flicks.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

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