5 Standout Songs From Sha Sha’s New Album, ‘I’m Alive’
5 Standout Songs From Sha Sha’s New Album, ‘I’m Alive’

5 Standout Songs From Sha Sha’s New Album, ‘I’m Alive’

The Queen of Amapiano shows that her artistry is more than one genre

As Amapiano continues to grow as an international trend, genre-defying artists are playing a big role in amplifying sound. Even though the South African dance sub-genre is dominated by men, it’s obvious that women are playing a key role in the forward-facing movement of the scene. In 2019, Zimbabwean singer Sha Sha emerged as one of the brightest voices in ‘Piano, her debut EP, ‘Blossom’, quickly marking her out as a star, along with her head-turning appearance on MFR Souls’ “Love You Tonight”.

With her undeniable ubiquity, Sha Sha was bestowed the trite “Queen of Amapiano” title, and as much as the singer has leaned into it—see the video for “Woza”—it’s not a title that she’s let define her artistry. Before moving to South Africa and getting signed to DJ Maphorisa’s BlaqBoy imprint, the singer was a rising star in her home country, where she experimented with a wide variety of sounds, from country to R&B. Even on her debut EP, two songs aren’t Amapiano cuts, leaning more to the side of her expansive palette that caters to neo-soul-infused music. Adamant about showing her range, Sha Sha’s newly released debut album, ‘I’m Alive’, features as much Amapiano as it doesn’t.

On an album with deeply personal musings conveyed through that warm soprano, Sha Sha cuts across a plethora of emotions that will appease party-goers and soundtrack moments of intimate listens. Split in near equal half, ‘I’m Alive’ compiles sweetly-scented, groovy Amapiano bangers in its opening side, affecting R&B-infused cuts on its latter side. In a few seconds short of an hour, Sha Sha embraces the “Amapiano Queen” title as much as opens up her diverse interest even more. In its entirety, ‘I’m Alive’ is a wondrous listen from artist that’s in full bloom and taking control of her own narrative. Here are 5 songs that may put you on your feet and/or in your feels.


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“TRYING” (Feat. Musa Keys & DJ Maphorisa)

Immediately “Trying” plays you are hypnotized and very likely bopping your head. The gorgeous keys are all over the production and log drums are at the right tempo, with a repetitive snare that shimmers with a magnetic feel. Despite the first half of the album being on Amapiano production, there is a special connection with this song as there is a jazzy element blended with R&B as Sha Sha’s vocals cruise over the mid-tempo production that is serene. Perhaps that’s because the song is a cover of Sade’s 1992 R&B classic “No Ordinary Love”. Like her cover of Moloko’s “Sing It Back” on her debut EP, ShaSha has a beautiful way of translating these pre-recorded to feel like pieces of her expressions, and it’s a plus that she always finds the perfect production to put into a ‘Piano context.

“FAST CAR” (Ft. Mellow & Sleazy, Mas Musiq & Soa Mattrix)

In this album, I felt this was among my favorites. The song composition from the production and the songwriting were quintessential. The song gets better as you listen to it and takes you on a natural high with constant crescendos that accommodate her vocals through the verses and the chorus. Sha Sha’s dreamy vocals get you singing setting a colorful as you ascend into ET. This song sounds like it was made for a mellow house party accompanied by a red plastic cup and a joint. 

“THEMBA LAMI” (Feat. Ami Faku)

This was the second single released from the album, and not only did it serve as a wondrous hint at where the singer would be taking parts of the album, it’s also a great listen with the full-length. Sha Sha’s vocals harmoniously blend into Ami Faku’s darker vocals as you get lost in the production. This song gives Sha Sha the opportunity to boast of her delicate vocals. The sad tempo of the song is surprisingly comforting as they sing of forthcoming hope showing a chance for humans to heal. The song also acts as a transition into the second half of the album which is R&B oriented.

TAKE ME THERE (Ft. Blxckie)

If there is anything I love, it’s an R&B and rap collaboration. She enlists South African rap’s current golden boy, Blxckie, as he first gives a sing-song performance eventually flowing into a stellar rap performance. The slow soulful performance sips deep into your inner being making you crave enhanced love and attention making it an unrequited love song in the album. 


Sha Sha’s pen game is untouchable and she continuously impresses the fans by picking the best artists as her collaborators in the album. When it comes to R&B this song is wrapped in a time capsule that takes you back to the early days of the genre. Their infectious vocals give a gorgeous, nostalgic dive into a beautiful mind with a smooth ride. The purity of the song makes it poignant and remarkable. 

Listen to ‘I’m Alive’ here.

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