Rema is an adoring lover boy for “Ginger Me” video

Watch Rema's leisurely romantic getaway with his muse

Last month, Rema went on a 3-week release run, with new tracks, “Ginger Me”, “Alien” and the ubiquitous “Woman”.  This week by week drop is pointing to a possible project, which in this climate would be very welcome for the Mavin star. Bringing our attention back to his first of the three songs last month, he’s released a video for “Ginger Me”, the weight of the message is made nearly imperceptible by the graceful clip that shows Rema’s leisurely romantic experience with his muse.

Directed by uaxstudio, the video for “Ginger Me” captures a simple romantic getaway. We see Rema and his muse cuddling up at an apartment while he performs his adoring lyrics to her; “When I dey sing, sey na you I dey sing for”. Though his lyrics also acknowledge the groovy allure of his melodies and the dance-driven beat produced by The Element, Rema and his muse stay indoors and look happy to be in each others’ company and away from public eyes.

There are shots set in a neon-lit room and shots of dancers to appease the song’s dancefloor intentions, but by far, the most captivating frame is the closing shot of Rema and his love interest sitting on a swing. The image is a tribute to the cover art for the single, which shows Rema’s attention to detail when depicting his love life in his music.

Watch the video for Rema’s “Ginger Me” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Rema
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