PatricKxxLee Wears His Heart On His Sleeve On “Broken Boys Break Toys”

Confessional rap is in, get with the program.

Emo artists come in all forms. Though rappers are usually too immersed in their ultra-masculine lifestyles, a few have the presence of mind to bare their hearts on their songs. The fear of being exposed as vulnerable makes confessions of feelings a daunting task but PatricKxxLee has shown in previous released single, “Pocahontas” that he’s a walking ball of conflicts and contradictions—depressed from heartbreak one moment, bragging about his carefree nature in the next. He is driven by his emotional side but like Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Life”, he makes it look gangster.

His latest single, “Broken Boys Break Toys” features Saint Klaus who joins PatricKxxLee on for the emo number that plays devil’s advocate, exploring Lee’s disregard for commitment. As the title hints, “Broken Boys Break Toys” is an introspective, minimal electro-pop song steeped in pain, flaunting and more confessional lyrics than we’ve seen from any African rapper. His decision as a rapper to sing through auto-tune would have been a bad one a few years ago but lately, everyone from Future to Kanye West is getting on the trendy accessory. The recent embrace of the studio aid is like pro wrestling producers saying, “Well shit, none of this is real anyway” and making more obviously scripted fights that are more popular.

Though PatricKxxLee raps as much as Saint Klaus does on “Broken Boys Break Toys”, PatricKxxLee’s singing makes Saint Klaus look like he’s doing the bulk of the rapping over the broody synths. The entire theme of the single is dismal, with cavernous production that gives PatricKxxLee’s auto-tuned vocals more of an echoing desolation than a pop sheen.

Listen to PatricKxxLee’s “Broken Boys Break Toys” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/patrickxxlee

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