A starter’s guide to NATIVELAND 2023

Mark your calendars: December 22nd

In ten days, the doors of NATIVELAND 2023 will be opening to music lovers and listeners from around the continent at the SOL Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos. Anticipation is already rife for one of the most highly anticipated festivals of the year which will mark a welcome return after a four year break since 2019.

As we count down the days, it’s easy to fall victim to overpacking for the festival or turning up with little to no essentials. Attending a concert is no menial task, it requires rapt attention, awareness of your physical surroundings, carefulness with friends and concert-goers, and much more. Never fear, we’ve got you covered and we will be spending the next week making sure you’re ready to rage at the ‘Land.

If you’re already thinking of what to bring to the NATIVELAND festival, then look no further than this starter’s guide to attending NATIVELAND 2023. Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a series regular since 2016, or just discovering us for the very first time, we’ve got you covered on all the necessary essentials to bring with you next week.

From your digital concert ticket which can be used to redeem a wristband at SOL Beach to a trusty hand fan and enough cash to enjoy the myriad of food stalls and entertainment, here’s everything you need to know when getting ready for NATIVELAND this year.


No ticket, No entry! It’s important that all attendees for NATIVELAND 2023 arrive on time at the venue with a copy of their digital ticket which will be used to redeem a physical wristband at the venue. No digital ticket means no wristband and all wristbands are given out once, so don’t lose yours!


It’s imperative that you stay strapped with enough cash to allow you access to the food stalls, drink vendors and exciting offers that we have in store for you next week. Whether you’re looking to try out some of the exciting restaurants that SOL Beach offers such as Danfo Bistro, Rapa Nui and more, or you’re looking to try out some incredible pouches of unique Quacktails flavour then come ready with some extra cash to splurge. There will also be point of sale terminals at the venue for bank transfers and Apple Pay.


The Coronavirus pandemic introduced facemasks to our everyday lives and looking back at life before 2020 while gaining awareness on just how quickly germs spread, it’s astonishing to see our lives without. While there will be no mask mandates at the festival, it is advised concert goers wear one for their own safety, especially if you or anyone you’ve been around had a flu in recent days. Considering the end of year in Lagos comes with Harmattan’s dry and dusty winds, a facemask would ensure you —particularly the asthma and other respiratory health attendants— enjoy the show without feeling uncomfortable. 


A valid means of identification is just as important as your ticket barcode when you’re attending NATIVELAND. For students, a valid student ID from a recognised educational institution is required. For those above 18+, we have bevvy of cocktails and alcohol available on the day so come down with your ID card to verify purchases. 


Ain’t no party like a Lagos party. It’s very easy to lose charge while attending the ‘Land for several hours. This year, we highly advise attendees to come with a portable charging system to ensure that their devices stay connected while on the beach. There are lots of unmissable acts and you won’t want to miss the action due to low battery. It is also very important to make sure no one is stranded and you can easily contact your Bolt to safely exit the festival grounds. 


Anyone that’s been in Lagos for the past couple of weeks can testify to the mind-numbing heat we’ve experienced, with a temperature ranging from degrees in lower twenties to early thirties. Hydration is important now more than ever so bringing a bottle of water and a fan to stay cool and hydrated comes highly recommended. The last thing you want is also looking sweaty in those pictures.  


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We might be back outside again but safety measure have not taken a backseat. For anyone attending the festival next week, it’s imperative you come with items that can aid sanitation and cleanliness. Essentials include hand sanitisers, disinfectant wipes, pocket tissues and more, that are portable and compact to fit into your purse.


NATIVELAND 2023 is at SOL Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos. This means that we’ll be watching artists perform on the beach. As such, comfortable footwear is advised for standing and walking for several hours. There will be chairs and seating areas provided as well.


All the aforementioned items will have to go somewhere and rather than clumsily stuffing items into your pocket, a shoulder bag, crossbody or fanny pack would be perfect. However, not all bags will be appropriate like a tote bag considering those don’t have any top covering. A small bag is also easier to carry around without hindering movements or weighing you down.


While your phone camera is one way to document the night, a film or digital camera is another way to capture all the excitement. For those weary of carrying a film or digital camera, you could purchase a simple Fujifilm or Kodak disposable camera beforehand. 

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