Natimi becomes ‘Gina’, a sensual alter-ego for “Shadows and Silhouettes”

Self acceptance as the key to divinity

For Natimi’s new single,  “Shadows and Silhouettes” she channels Gina, her sensual alter ego who want to be free to spread her wings, leave an imprint of herself on everyone in her path. By reflecting the struggles of repressed people, she tries to dissociate herself from the part of herself that craves self-expression.

The first lines from Natimi’s “Shadows and Silhouettes”—“I promised Mark I would close the curtains/ I promised I would close any possibility of my crave for attention to be noticed. I promised Mark but Gina refused”—jump at you because the message is easy to relate to. We all have multiple selves, sub-selves, personalities, alter personalities, ego states or identity states. The twist on “Shadows and Silhouettes”, a sombre self-reflective piece delivered over ambient electronic sounds is that by failing to conform to values, Naimi finds exaltation.

You can listen to “Shadows and Silhouettes” here;

Featured Image Credits:soundcloud/natmimusic

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