Mylo Hebron’s “On My Way” is a Dialogue put to Verse

It's lightly intimate and feels like a conversation between he and his best friend

As Mylo, the Port-Harcourt based artist continues to make experimental rap that aims to make a connection with the world, he’s looking inward this time, a change from the braggadocio on “R.I.C.O” released 2 years ago and his freestyle “King Kong” released May this year. Mylo favours confessional lyrics, addressing topics such as romantic longing on his new single “On My Way”, which feels like a minimal therapy session with a trusted companion. You know this even before you become aware he’s been trapped in the friend-zone with his interest for a while and badly wants out.

“On My Way” begins with a synth guitar/synth harp and a steady wooden gong playing in the background as Mylo teeters on the fence between skeletal rapping and intermittent atmospheres for story telling. His shuffle between the two makes “On My Way” engaging though. Sometimes speaking is crucial to letting listeners feel the soul of your voice and Mylo embraces this well. The verses shift from her side of the story “I will love to go on this journey with you, Mylo I hope you understand that” to his own stand point “I aint saying that he bad for you, but I’m saying that I’m good to you and I know that I’m better for you”. It’s lightly intimate and feels like a conversation between he and his best friend, as he directly and obliquely compels her to leave a man not worthy to be hers.

Against this moody but interesting backdrop, producer Wenger does his work to layer his vocals well with the instrumentation sailing just in line with Mylo, by leaving only the synth string instrument when Mylo speaks, and slinking into more varying sounds when Mylo actually sings and raps, making listeners actually soak in the dialogue without noisy interruptions. An additional scaled-down vocals you barely hear in the background struggles to provide harmony as well. Perhaps Mylo’s changing style through the song makes him seem uniquely skilled at navigating continuity but producer Wenger’s presence helps facilitate this continuity. As a song about love, “On My Way” sounds unfeigned and neither is it so deep.

Have a listen to Mylo Hebron’s third single of the year, “On My Way” below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mylohebron

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