Maleek Berry gives first public look at his infamous Berry Room for “Been Calling” video

Berry’s Room, a quasi-futuristic place where people go to relive past hot times

You ever sat in a room in the blues immersing yourself in thought of a lover who you’ve hurt or who’s hurt you? If this has ever happened to you, then you can relate with Maleek and his lover in his new video for “Been Calling”.

On “Been Calling”, Maleek is broken and yearning for his lover who’s pining for him as well. She decides to go to Berry’s Room, a quasi-futuristic place where people go to relive past hot times, the old romance, in an attempt to feel warm with one’s own lover or whatever you want to see. The concept feels inspired by an episode of Black Mirror.

When the lover is out, the warm she feels in that world isn’t there anymore. What happens next after reliving such memories is you come out feeling guiltier than before.

Meji Alabi directs the video, lots and lots of silhouettes and pastel shades. We see the actions in black and orange just like we see the lovers in happy and sad times. Everything comes together with Malek’s production in a way that may make you even forget that the song is actually melancholy.

Have a look at it below.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Maleek Berry “Been Calling”

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