“On the Low” is a lesson on silent moves and relentless execution.

A hustler's anthem for the squad

Silence can be quite literally deafening. Odds are, no matter how hard you tried to stay completely still and shut yourself up, you can still hear something; Neighbors’ generators, sirens, the hum of a fan, the murmur of background conversations. So it’s understandable that Delis, Kofi Taylor and Psyko’s latest single, “On The Low” finds them trying and failing to hide their hustle despite what the song’s title suggests. Over the Psyko produced synth-based beat with vocal samples and percussion, Delis, Kofi Taylor and Psyko confess their productivity and the work they’ve been putting in “For The Doe”. Through their peddle to the medal message, the three paint a picture of an accomplished squad with matching outfits. Which seems fair given that the only thing more satisfying than earning money is earning money with your homies.

Listen to “On The Low” below;

Featured Image Credits: Soundcloud/thecolonymuzic