Listen “Proud”, off Foresythe’s ‘Lolu Foresythe and Partners’ project

Featuring Jinmi Abduls

Foresythe’s debut EP, ‘Lolu Foresythe and Partners’ is a 8 track collection of impassioned songs communicating how the artist processes different emotions: love, loss and everything in between. Foresythe introduces his project with “Where are you going”, a song about how the loss of a loved one could lead to the loss of self. Through the track, he tries to find himself by reaching out to the lost one. The third track, “Proud”, continues this sentiment of loss with support from Jinmi Abduls.

Unlike “Where are you going”, “Proud” sounds more cheerful with the upbeat instruments complimenting Foresythe’s message of acceptance of the loss. He starts of reminiscing how the loss felt when it first came to be, “And I Lost All Faith There, Was No Hope”. As the song progresses, he seems to come to terms with the loss explaining how the loss of a loved one means you gain a guardian on the other side.

Listen to “Proud” here

Featured Image Credits:Instagram/theforesythe

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