Listen to Episode 1 Of DJ Femo’s No Signal Radio Show, ‘Welcome to Chaos’

Catch her notoriously creative transitions on No Signal Radio every other Thursday at 5pm.

We’re coming up to five months since COVID-19 pulled a Beyoncé and demanded the “world stop”, and it seems most of us are now getting used to spending our days within the same four walls – although around the world, lockdowns are being relaxed, which has quite literally been received as a breath of fresh air.

On the flip side, however, every night is still a night in, and for the club-crawlers and party-starters amongst us, this adjustment has only become worse and worse with time. For those who make a living out of nights out, however, this time has been not just mentally trying but also financially destabilising, which is why we must go even harder in our support for DJs, club owners, promoters, security guards, bartenders and all the other personnel who have made our nights out immemorable.


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Black-owned radio station, No Signal has rightfully enjoyed a plethora of support during this period, thanks to their inescapable sound clashes dubbed NS10vs10. But beside their 9pm Twitter takeovers, No Signal Radio is brimming with talented DJs keeping our airwaves stocked with our favourite tunes – old or new– and forecasted hits. One of our very own, DJ Femo has now joined their ranks.

Debuting her fortnightly show, Welcome to Chaos yesterday, DJ Femo brings to No Signal her usual ear for Nigerian-helmed jams mixing them in with our favourite hip-hop throwbacks and a sprinkle of contemporary everything. Labelled the “baddest bitch on the wheels” by none other than Cruel Santino, Welcome to Chaos, flaunts DJ Femo’s notoriously flawless transitions, so creative that they’ll leave any listener’s mind blown.

Speaking with the NATIVE, DJ Femo explains why this show is coming at an important time for her, saying:

“It’s been a deeply reflective time, with all that’s going on, [we’re] unearthing a lot of collective as well as personal trauma. I’ve been able to step into my power and I feel that’s reflected in the new show as I explore a range of sounds that are more personal to me. This new slot on No Signal has given me a bit more freedom in that I’m able to do something different.”

And on what to expect from Welcome to Chaos, she says:

“It’s almost like a peek into my world. I’m selecting a diverse range of music reflecting my taste and sharing my personal experiences and musings through sound. As always, I’m representing Lagos youth culture but doing so also through UK music, Hip-Hop, Electronic music and more.  The goal here is to share incredible music and have fun while doing it.”


DJ Femo is live on No Signal Radio every other Thursday from 5pm-7pm. The show, Welcome to Chaos next airs on July 16, but you can have a listen to yesterday’s episode via her SoundCloud below:

FEMOSKI28 · welcome to chaos on no signal #1


Featured Image Credits/ Enzo Iriarte via @dj.femo

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