Listen to Boyewa’s new single, “Blood Is On D Flo Demo” before he takes it down

Understanding every word is charming but Boyewa makes up for it with replay value

If there’s anything to pick from the success of mumble rappers, it’s the fact that good music remains lovable even with seemingly indecipherable lyrics. Migos’ “Versace” may be responsible for the heightened mumble culture in rap today but their style of lyricism also resonates in Boyewa’s releases. The singer who has been known to defy genre barriers has released a new single, “Blood Is On D Flo Demo” with classic R&B instrumentals.

His penchant for utilizing the sounds from his mouths as part of the instrumentals as he mumbles his words over decidedly catchy beats stands him out of the cluster of mumble artist. On “Blood On D Flo Demo”, he sings over a carpet of comforting electronic guitar harmonies backed only by laid back yet hard-kicking drum pattern. The guitar baseline and audio accessorizing on his vocals leads Boyewa to tag the single as “electronic” on his Soundcloud. But the ambient and soothing melodies he already perfected a year ago with his vocals on “Fada” remains familiar.

While most of the song’s lyrics are hard to make out, “Blood On D Flo. Demo” listens like it’s playing from a jukebox from the 80’s and does nothing to help with coherence. The substandard quality of the recording however creates a nostalgic atmosphere for a classic R&B number. The audio quality doesn’t improve before distinct emotions start to show as Boyewa belts an serving of melodious lyrics over a layer of cheering echoes.

Though we can’t deny that there’s a certain charm in understanding every word from a song’s lyrics, Boyewa more than makes up for it with replay value. “Blood On D Flo. Demo” is so soothing, it’s almost hypnotic. Listen to it below.

Featured Image Credits: Soundcloud/Boyewa


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