AV Club: If Kuddi’s “Codename 1.0” is anything to go by, we should expect great things

Makes us wanna break out the C.O.D and fan boy.

Nigerian filmmaker Kuddi has come a long way in his craft, and he is eager to show us what he’s been up to. His newest short film ‘Codename 1.0’ takes on the hard to pull off action genre, and makes light work of it. The entire film doesn’t dwell too much on backstory or character development focusing instead entirely on a superbly choreographed fight scene between a female protagonist and an armed assailant who trails her in the woods trying to immobilize her.

I loved that the entire sequence was gritty and visceral, and Kuddi doesn’t make any excuse for his protagonist just because she’s female. She gives as good as she gets and literally beats the shit out of her armed assailant. Won’t spoil the ending for you, other than to say, you have to see it through to the very end. If this is indicative of the kind of work that Kuddi intends to bring to Nollywood, then we’re more than ready.

Nollywood is definitely due for an action film done right.

Watch “Codename 1.o” here.

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