Jake Doe tries to rescue a relationship on “WWW”

Also makes a case for Drake's understated R&B influence

As he’s continually proven his potency with billboard melodies and more mellow, stunning mood pieces, Drake’s influence on today’s R&B is only emphasized with each direct reference, from R&B star H.E.R’s cover of “Jungle”, to Nigerian singer Jake Doe building his latest single, “WWW”, around lyric interpolations off “Redemption”. Ruing his lackadaisical attitude during their relationship, Jake tries to win back a lover who recently called it quits after being fed up of his bullshit. Pleading through gritted teeth, he promises to do better if she takes him back, his confessional being bolstered by the Ronin-produced sombre beat, underscored by slow plodding 808 bass.

Listen to Jake Doe’s “WWW” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/jakedoeofficial

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