Hear Santi’s long-awaited new single, “Sparky”

as produced by OdunsiTheEngine


For the benefit of those who may have been living under a rock in the last twelve month period, there is a little backstory to Santi’s “Sparky”. The track first debuted on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio last May. Though it’s unclear if “Sparky” would feature on the singer’s upcoming album, last year’s premiere was also the first time Santi confirmed he was working on a new project. In that time, both the eclectic “Freaky” and rager favourite, “Rapid Fire” have become ubiquitous hits. “Sparky” is the third track in that order built with Santi’s twisted sense of humour, and synth-based composition. According to the singer, an accompanying short film is expected soon. “Sparky” is produced by OdunsiTheEngine, you can listen to it via Apple Music below: