Have a great idea and need funding? You should check this out

Time to dust off that idea and bring it to life.

One of the biggest problems every millennial faces trying to bring their often very imaginative ideas to life is funding. Money is scarce, and even when you do find it, there simply aren’t enough examples to show you how to manage the funding you get and resources to ensure that you make the best of your opportunity. So we end up sizing down our dreams to fit our budgets and throwing world changing ideas of out of the window to make way for ‘realistic’ ones. Well, we call bullshit. Good thing there’s Exodus.

Exodus is a design school for Nigeria dedicated to developing ideas for sectors and states through process, imagination and compassion. A country-tailored design program nurturing ideas with potential for impact and change in Nigeria.

So Exodus is a partnered design school that focuses on providing mentorship, tools and most especially funding for young people with interesting ideas looking for a way to turn them into viable finished products. Partnering with investors, some from Nigeria, some from the diaspora, successful candidates for the Exodus funding program get to work on their ideas, no matter how unconventional and finish them. This is how Exodus explains the process.

Exodus cycles will be guiding the process of birthing ideas from imagination into reality with weekend sessions and gatherings: 3 months on sector idea development + 3 months on state idea development. As a team, we will go through a process of research, thinking, solving and experimentation to eventually generate ideas that directly solve problems in specific sectors and states in Nigeria. At the end of every cycle, we will present proposals of developed ideas that identify and plug holes in the system to a pool of investors, partners and mentors.

There really isn’t that much else to say, other than, why aren’t you already applying. You do that, right now. Who knows, you might be the next person whose innovations we’ll be celebrating at The Native.


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