Fuji And S M V L L Z’s “Drugs” Give Us A Take On Abuja’s Drug Culture

Another one for your 4/20 playlist

Music has proven to be a unifying culture and Aku/Fuji’s “Drugs” lives up to that expectation. He has worked with S M V L L Z on previous tracks in the past and the Abuja based rapper joins Fuji for yet another Hausa heavy single with all the right sounds the trap music genre has to offer. Fuji’s penchant for psychedelia has always been articulated in previous singles like “Where You Been” that featured dreamy synths and lyricism drenched in somber mood swings.


“Drugs” is produced by D.A who uses the same beat as Travis Scott’s “Drugs You Try” but with a different, more upbeat baseline. Fuji peaches his vocoded infused vocals on piano synths and sings about getting high off love and other drugs. His harmonies listen similar to Travis but he takes the last verse in Hausa language giving an eerier mantra chant feel. S M V L L Z takes the second verse and his Hausa rap lines and his trademark “wallet” chant.

Fuji has delivered a second single that arguably trumps the first, you can listen to Drugs below.


Featured Image Credits: Instagram/ohmygodyuh