Essentials: Ria Boss’ Debut EP asks you to ‘Find Your Free’

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For an artist with only a handful of singles and no major projects, Ghanaian soul singer Ria Boss is quite the musical juggernaut, carving a place for herself in Ghana’s musical millennial renaissance as herself and her alter-ego Hajia Kitty.

While trying to fit into society’s roles and boxes, we pretend to be what we aren’t and second guess ourselves making it even more difficult to find our purpose in the grand scheme of the universe. There is so much pressure to conform, especially to western beauty standards. As an artist Ria builds confidence, asking young African women of colour to embrace themselves and their individualities, to see the beauty in their bodies and hair and cultures. So it’s only natural that her debut EP, Finding Your Free expands on that message of finding happiness by finding yourself.

Find Your Free opens with “Golden”, Ria Boss’s voice pregnant with strife, yet encouraging those going through difficult times to believe in themselves. “Just let go of all the bad” are the first words she sings, and she echoes those sentiments all through the entire EP. Tribal drums come in halfway through “Golden”, turning the song’s jazzy beats from slow to mid-tempo, just in case you forgot Ria Boss is Ghanaian and unashamed of her heritage’s influence on her music.

“Love Yourself” is the most pacey song on Find Your Free. It is produced by Superficial who uses synth vocals, substituting them for percussion and making it the bedrock of the song’s bass-heavy instrumentals. The uptempo beat is perfect for Ria Boss’ storytelling as she describes familiar stories of insecurity. She explains how comparing likes on Instagram could lead to self doubt and ask that we not fall for this. The rest of the EP is more relaxed feel from this point on to ensure that by the end of the Find Your Free, the blues get a little warmer.

“Flame On (Live)” is the longest song on the EP and the most proactive. Ria Boss is tired of telling us the world is bad, so she gives us her ways to make the world a little more bearable. But in the end it all boils down to this: Stop pretending to be someone else and love who you are. “Flame On (Live)” is a country song and the chords she coaxes from her guitar are just right to get you all in your feels.

Combining her unique sultry voice with the jazzy pop beats, Ria Boss transforms into a fully formed modern day jazz diva who in time, will sit beside Sade Adu.  That being said, we urge you toFind Your Free.

Listen to Ria Boss’ Find your free here

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