Essentials: Dj Mura K.E Is Still The Dancefloor Master On ‘Murastar.Vol 2’
Essentials: Dj Mura K.E Is Still The Dancefloor Master On ‘Murastar.Vol 2’

Essentials: Dj Mura K.E Is Still The Dancefloor Master On ‘Murastar.Vol 2’

A compilation of love tales over African electronic music.

Over the years DJ Mura K.E has etched his way into Kenyan hearts with dancefloor-ready bangers and eccentric mixes. His unorthodox East African edge, even when producing commercial sounds, has given the artist an upper hand in carving his name into contemporary Kenyan music. The lean dreadlocked DJ has become a familiar face in the alternative scenes and his minimalist, house-infused production makes him an avart-grande producer/DJ always looking for innovative ways to impress audiences.

Mura has worked with several renowned names to great results. He teamed up with Ayrosh on the fan favourite “Hutia,” which blended dance, Benga, Afropop and Folk. With sultry Kikuyu vocals by folk-fusion artist Ayrosh, the single draws from a range of different textures that immerse a discerning listener in a kaleidoscope of cultures, vibes and grooves. Udulele who also features on his recent project, was on the guitar giving soul to the rhythmic melody of the song.

Releasing ‘Murastar Vol 1’ in 2022, DJ Mura K.E weaved a web of love tales against Electronic and Amapiano backdrops. The warm silhouette of Wendy Kay against the mid-tempo productions and vibrant shakers in “Nikikuona” paint a vivid tale of 21st century love that is mostly online. The smooth music bed is soulful as the saxophone sweetly blends in Wendy’s voice. The third studio album combined sounds from East, South and West Africa telling the tragic stories of love juxtaposed by serenading afro-house beats.

With eight years of music under his belt and , DJ Mura K.E’s sound is continuously evolving. Using his recently released EP Murastar Vol.2′ to showcase his soulful and dance side he taps into Amapiano as the main inspiration infused with R&B. Through ‘Murastar 2,’ Mura reveals his artistic journey and growth as an artist. Essentially making African electronic dance music, the project shows where his mindspace is at in regards to what he’s currently playing on his DJ sets, hence the influence in his music production journey as well. The project is also filled with a hybrid of traditional sounds and music fused with electronic elements.

Immediately from “Loving,” featuring Njerae, he sets an impeccable tone for the tape. Dj Mura K.E’s airy synths cut across the Amapiano infused tune with the alliterating chants that set an upbeat production. Njerae’s silky vocals meld into the African sound as she assures her love of her undying love. Accompanied by cool visuals directed by KG Brian the song oozes the beauty and purity of love.

Experimenting with sound has been Dj Mura KE’s focal point and it resulted to a well oiled machine coordinating as the songs seamlessly flow into each other. Inviting Polaris in his canon of hit collaborations, DJ Mura K.E captures a vulnerable side in “Nimechoka.” Capturing the pain of a lovelorn relationship, he adds his midas touch transforming it to a nostalgic number with lush production. The serenity experienced in the guitar strings surprisingly give birth to an astral number. The piano riffs in “Goodtime Riddim,” featuring Udulele and Robin Marcel offer the perfect close to the dynamic project. The piano riffs and the harmonisation of the keys uplift you to euphoria as you get absorbed by the seditious production.

Murastar affirms Dj Mura K.E’s game plan is united with the talent and ability to showcase his distinctive flow and rhythm when making and playing music. Not afraid to jump out of his musical comfort zone, ‘Murastar Vol.2’ is a compilation lethal tailor-made for the dancefloor.

Listen to ‘Murastar Vol.2’ below.