EFCC Nigeria revealed the identity of its Twitter handler and Nigerian Twitter had a meltdown

When you’re the the boss eagle everyday.

Words by Ehimenim Agweh

When EFCC Nigeria drops a line on Twitter, you know it’s about to go down. The shade, the comebacks, the jokes have been nothing but classic Nigerian-isms; funny yet educating. All through the epic saga that is EFCC’s Twitter one thing remained constant: the secret of the person behind it. The mystery held until yesterday when EFCC pulled the curtains to reveal Mysterio’s face.

Presenting the man of the hour, Olufemi Olukayode Adeyemi, a career rapper also known as F.Shaw. The former handler who goes by the moniker, FShaw was the person behind the witty and engaging tweets EFCC was known for delivering on Twitter. His rapid fire, lecturer style quips have burnt many an unsuspecting person as he educated the public on the dangers of fraud and the joys of whistleblowing.

Upon revealing their mystery man, Nigerian Twitter exploded with joy and sadness as the news was a bit of a shock to even those who constantly pestered EFFC for Adeyemi’s identity. Reactions ranged from wishing him well





To Nigerians calling out the FRSC’s motives for their tweet




…and the FRSC defending themselves shamelessly



In honour of Adeyemi’s departure, the jokes flew and went wide



And also poked fun at other agencies



Olufemi Adeyemi has gone on to pursue his music career and hopefully do greater things with his mastery of words and humour. The EFCC now has another mystery handler but Nigerians are still very much in love with the old one. But never fear because EFCC says



If you didn’t know of Olufemi Adeyemi’s prowess before now, here are some of his greatest EFCC tweets for your amusement


Feature Image Credit: Twitter/@officialEFCC

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