DJ Yin teams up with Bankyondbeatz and Bella Alubo for romantic new single, “Voodoo”

Somethings you just can't explain

Feelings are often very specific, finding the right words to describe them is like scouring through the dictionary for a word you can’t even spell. It’s why songs that capture our exact feelings are so affecting. DJ Yin’s new single, “Voodoo” featuring Bella Alubo describes her romantic feelings by alluding them to the mysterious and supernatural.

There’s something about the windswept beat Bankyondbeatz produces with drums and ethereal synths and the auto-tuned and echoey voice of Bella Alubo that makes “Voodoo” an instant ear-worm. The chorus, “Cause I Hate You, Then I Want You, And I Hate You, And I Want You, And I Crave You”, expresses sentiment from attractions you can’t explain.

Listen to DJ Yin’s “Voodoo” featuring Bella Alubo below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/bellaalubo

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