Biddysings may have beat us to escaping reality with”E.T”

It almost sounds futuristic

Biddysings’ first single of the year, “E.T”, is an ode to a lover. But it’s not the type of love mere mortals share, their focus is an extraterrestrial love; “on a spaceship we ‘gon find extraterrestrial love”. Their spaceship could be a metaphor for anything from drugs to the bed sheets, but what’s clear is the palpable desire heard in his soulful melodies and synth-based instrumentals.

Over the four minutes playtime for “E.T”, Biddysings sings of his outer-worldly affections. The mix of bass sounds, synth pianos percussion and ambient sounds that Jasper produces for the song heightens the sci-fi theme of “E.T”. And despite the Biddy’s 90’s-esque soul melodies, the upbeat harmonies and synth percussion almost sound futuristic.

Listen to “E.T” here;


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