Best New Music: Fave embraces romantic vulnerability on “Baby Riddim”

a master of love

Viral singer, Fave hit the limelight during the socially distanced pandemic. At the time, the singer had tapped into the beats produced by Lagos-based singer and producer, Jinmi Abduls, birthing a freestyle that quickly became a sensation on Twitter. Over the upbeat groovy production, Fave addressed her love interest as she questions his loyalty and the strength of their union, a relatable theme for many young listeners.

The singer stayed connected to her growing loyal fanbase with a steady stream of music releases and intriguing video content laying a foundation for her career as an artist to blossom. Her freestyle soon landed her the attention of some industry heavyweights including Mr. Eazi’s EmPawa Africa. Needless to say, she’s one artist to tune into right away.


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For her most recent release “Baby Riddim”, the singer is back with another love-induced track a follow-up to “Beautifully” released a couple of months ago. A promotional single off her debut EP ‘Riddim 5’ slated for release this month, the new song shows off Fave’s ability to consistently switch up her style while delivering melodies that are front and centre of everything she touches. Speaking on the new track, Fave shared “I’m never slacking on a chance to unlock a phase. A chance to birth a sound, a chance to love upon a beat. If it’s calling, I’m answering.” Fave delivers a stellar performance on this track produced by Damie as she beautifully explores Caribbean influences.

While Fave is undoubtedly in love, heavy skepticism shines through her earlier release “Beautifully” as she expresses the lengths she would go for love regardless of her possibility of being played by her love interest. However, in “Baby Riddim”, Fave openly addresses her feelings for him, doubts aside, as she adopts a more confident and self-assured approach to telling her lover how she feels regardless of who might be watching “Oppositions they come left and right, but I don’t care/Pop fit dey your front, say I leave you but I die here”.

Fave’s vulnerability doesn’t hide in her words and voice as her sultry melodious vocals express her intentions to make permanent memories with her love interest “Steady your face jor for me/ I wanna take a picture, So this could last longer for me”. We witness a new, affirmative Fave that, speaking passionately about what she wants. It’s not often that women are given the space to speak boldly about their desires but Fave encapsulates everything the modern generation has to offer. Whether she intends to or not, she has a knack for singing about things we don’t want to say outright when we fear our heart’s on the line.

Currently, the song is catching on like wildfire. On Apple Music, the song sits at No. 2 of the Top 100: Nigeria charts and No. 5 of the Top 25: Lagos charts while over on TikTok, it’s currently trending with a recorded 171.9K videos and counting. This is Fave’s moment and she’s effortlessly ridding its soundwaves to mainstream ubiquity.

Watch the video for “Baby Riddim” below.

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