AV Club: OBFW’s Episode 8 is the definition of a filler episode

Supporting Characters lives matter

With two thirds of Our Best Friend’s wedding behind us, we’re starting to wonder if they’ll ever manage to tie up all the messy loose ends they’ve managed to rack up. We still don’t know if Charles’s mother was talking about having cancer or not, we don’t know what the hell is wrong with Kemi and her husband and we most certainly can’t see how Charles is supposed to find a wife after one date. OBFW is stressing me out. But Wale Adetula (showrunner) and Oreka Godis are perennially in the youtube comments assuring us that the finale will be worth all this key points episodes. So we wait.


There’s a whole cache of episodes to watch on RED TV’s Youtube channel so catch up before you get on the new episode, or just skip that and get on here.

Episode 8 starts with Onome on Charles’s bed after their their second round of knacks. Wait is it just me or does nearly all episodes on this show either start or end with someone in someone else’s bed?

If only all this sexiness was attached to a moving storyline.

Well Onome and Charles are now bedfellows, a fact he conveniently is keeping away from Jade and Kemi, for the time being. Jade on the other hand is deep in the throes of ‘New Girlfriend’ syndrome and for only God knows whatever reason, Jade shows up all dolled up to the office of his start up to ‘see’ him. When the receptionist rightfully asks her if she has an appointment, homegirl literally closes in on her and conspiratorially whispers “He doesn’t know I’m coming but I’m his ‘girlfriend’ so cut me some slack.”

Of course the receptionist makes her wait, like everybody else.

Meanwhile on OBFW Charles is at the office, chatting up Onome when his boss (yeah the asshole boss) shows up to inform him that contract that they were trying to win from the company that Onome worked for has paid for the contract in full, and even better, sent Charles’s a decent commission. That’s the same commission that Charles promise Onome in exchange for the opportunity to keep his job. The boss asks about Onome, raising all our red flags about their relationship, because the showrunners behind OBFW don’t believe at all in subtlety. Charles pretends not to know where she is. Will this end well?

Afrer allowing Jade dry out in the reception waiting room Tunde’s ‘efficient’ assistant shows up, on her way to run an errand. She stops to ask Jade if she can be of help, and Jade rudely asks if she is Tunde’s PA. Tolu, la P.A. says she is happy to hear any feedback on her work since Tunde apparently never tells her anything and ‘pulls some strings’ to get Jade past the receptionist. Jade of the big head with her visitor tag in tow literally barges into Tunde’s office to meet him in the middle of a work meeting.

Hasn’t this idiot girl ever heard of knocking?

Anyhow sha Tunde comes out and tears into her, dragging her thoroughly and suggesting that she attend to her ‘busy life’ that she wont let us hear word about. She flees the office and slams the visitor pass on the receptionist desk to the laughs to Tolu le P.A. Talk about Karma.

Jade predictably returns to Kemi (who also supposedly has a busy life but seems to always be at home) to complain about Tunde. Tunde calls at about the same time as Charles and since Jade is undecided about baby boy, Kemi takes Charles’s call instead. It turns out that Charles has been doing some baby girl elimination of his own and now there are only two women left on his ‘find me a wife’ master list; Bukola and Eyang.

Bukola gets literally two minutes of screen time where all they iterate to us is that she is the ‘Materialistic girl’ stereotype. Like she literally asks Charles to buy her a boat and points to one that is sitting on the Marina. I didn’t even bother, just hit the skip button till the scene was done. Awon OBFW WYD?

The OBFW episode finale scene returns to Onome, who has only seconds long cameos all episodes. She is in a cab on the island and ends up at the Maison Farenheit, where she meets up with no one else but Charles’s boss. The whole commission scam is apparently his idea. It was an interesting twist, but not all that surprising. I’m at that point where I just want them to finish everything.

I have gone through the comments and I keep seeing Wale Adetula (showrunner) and Oreka explaining away that the episodes are as short as they are because they are trying to save our ‘data’. Well I call bullshit. We have explained severally that the short episodes aren’t doing anything for the show or us the audience and I for one, am getting really tired of watching two second vignettes that are supposed to pass for character exposition.

Give us proper episodes or give us death.