Qdot reminds us of his greatness on “Aare”

Waging war on anyone who disagrees

On his latest single, “Aare” Qdot doesn’t only sing almost entirely in Yoruba, he also embodies traditional sentiments, asking to be respected because he has been chosen by the king. Q-dot supports the pensive beat with just enough English lines (“If you dont like me, I dont like you too”) to communicate the song’s defensive theme to a non-native speaker. The accompanying video for “Aare” sets Qdot and his entourage in a community set with a backdrop of trees and mud, similar to a rural community. As he sings of his greatness as the chosen, we see the king bless him. Frizzle and Bizzle direct the war themed music video, showing confrontation between two communities that ends with them waging war against each other.

Watch the video for Qdot’s “Aare” here:

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/QdotofficialVevo