6 videos you should see this week

From Tinny Mafia's snacking appetite to Xxxtentacion's staged hanging

Hennessy Cypher: “King Quest” Feat. Vector, PJ, Jessay and Prometh

The yearly string of releases from Hennessy Cyphers has grown to become one of the most anticipated rap showcases in Nigeria and the latest releases looks to be the final one. Titled the “King Quest”, the 2-minute long video features Vector, PJ, Jessay and Prometh who sit, drink and spit bars at a Hennessy filled table. Whether this move suggesting their higher ranking on Hennessy Cypher hierarchy is open to debates but the performance is impressive none the less.

Anatii & AKA: “Don’t Forget To Pray”

AKA and Anatii’s recently releases joint album, Be Care What You Wish For is getting a new adjoining video through pre-released single, “Don’t Forget To Pray”. The video is directed by 3rd Wrld studio is the second released video from the project following the earlier released “10 Fingers” video. But instead of the outdoor motif on the old video, “Don’t Forget To Pray” is shot in a studio and filled with religious imagery.

Lil Uzi Vert: “XO Tour Llife3”

The animated video initially released for Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llife3” worked fine given the song’s dark narrative and animes inclinations seen on Uzi Vert’s cover arts. However, the official video does a better job of taking us through the rapper’s psyche. Directed by  Virgil Abloh, the XO tour lead, The Weeknd features as a cameo in the gruesome and bloody video that barely explains why Uzi wants to be pushed any further to the edge.

Xxxtentacion: “Look At Me”

Starting with a comical dildo fairy that suggests a parody video, Xxxtentacion’s “Look At Me” is the most click baiting video you’ll ever see. Asides the fact that the video only got darker and darker, the music video doesn’t even last for up to a minute of the 5-minute play time  before Xxxtentacion leads viewers into his dark universe. His violent theme is tied to racial oppression with reference to Emmett Till’s murder. The satirical hanging of a white child helps boost his emo artistry which is summed up perfectly on the poetry that serves as the video’s outro.

YCee: Komije

Tinny Mafia group featuring Tinny Entertainment artists, YCee, Bella Alubo, Dapo Tuburna and affiliates seem set to release a compilation tape with their debut release, “Komije”. Featuring YCee, the single is a classic club inclined  Hip-pop song which is basically YCee’s bread and butter following the success of hits like “Juice”. SM directs the video showing YCee at an house party with a couple models as he dances in tune with the song’s snacking narrative.

Tyler The Creator: The Jellies

Since Tyler The Creators feature on Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show”, it obvious that it was only a matter of time before he gets his own cartoon. And though Viceland already gave him a show, “Nuts + Bolts” The Adult Swim section of Cartoon Network is the perfect fit for Tyler’s off color humor and creativity. Their latest cartoon show, “The Jellies” expected to launch in October is co-created by Tyler and Lionel Boyce (a.k.a. L-Boy). They’ll both voice act on the series about a family of Jellyfish who have adopted a human son, Cornell.

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