Coca Goods is bringing back minimalist ‘Made-in-Nigeria’ design with the ‘Tebur’

Minimalism is always in style

When people about the millennial creativity in Nigeria, they rarely consider industrial and product design. But in a world that has become increasingly technology reliant, finding that intersection between efficiency, beautiful optics and optimal user experience has become a discipline gaining popularity in the world. Intellectual greats like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos have built multi-billion dollar empires and enduring fan bases based on the quality and efficiency of the products they designed for consumption.

Millennial Nigerians like Funfere Koroye have been preaching the gospel and patenting designs that seek to take every day objects and improve them for a more efficient life. But brand strategist Lanre Masha, and Nifemi Marcus-Bello are taking things a step further with their company Coca Goods, and their new product, the ‘Tebur‘. For the uninitiated, the word ‘Tebur’ is a Hausa corruption of the English word ‘table’. The duo take that base idea, and ‘corrupt’ it, dismantling the table to it’s component parts and reworking them so they are portable, mobile, and functional for small spaces. What they come up with what they describe as a ‘flat pack work desk’, and my is it beautiful.

The duo explain their motivation for conceptualizing and building the work desk this way.

“As we adapt to living in smaller spaces, we need products that are unobtrusive but at the same–time enhance our daily life. Tebur meets this crucial need, with the heavy consideration of emergence of upwardly mobile Africans who live in small spaces and are always on the move.”

It doesn’t hurt that the “Tebur” is made entirely in Nigeria, with material sourced from Nigeria and Nigerian workmanship (too many people skrimp on the details). Masha and Marcus-Bello through Coca Goods are designing the furniture of the future, right now and we’re here for it.

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